Milanovic Winery

logo-vinarija milanovicOur winery is located in the immediate vicinity of vineyards, almost on a cliff modelled by the Danube river for centuries. In architectural terms, it outwardly represents exactly what we aspired to: formally rustic, essentially modern, purpose-functional, and attractive enough to catch the eye. At first glance, it doesn’t even resemble a winery, since it bears no factory-like appearance, but reminds more of a formidable residential and manufacturing edifice from the Iberian Peninsula. We have come to this portrayal empirically, since this has been the impression of most visitors so far. Perhaps we see something else there, but that is less important. Of the greatest importance is how our winery is seen by those who visit it. We say with no false modesty that there is much to see. The spacious parking lot contributes to the generally high level of seriousness with which we welcome our wine tourists, as well as ordinary ones. Our edifice per se appears impressive and authentic. There has never been any doubt about that.





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