The name of this variety, perhaps coincidentally, bears the prefix “neo”. Yes, it is brand new. Another project by the Institute in Karlovci, and the blend of what seemingly could not be blended: charming traminer and defiant smederevka. Muscat, powerful, with tamed aromatics, full, extractive and balanced … Our Neoplanta is a paradigm of the approach we apply in selecting varieties of grapes which we process, nurture, pack and launch. The symbiosis of our genetic blend perfectly justifies its origin. The aromatic spectrum dominated by flowers, honey, and rose Turkish delight, imply nearly a dessert wine. However, Neoplanta is absolutely a dry wine, primarily due to the acidic enhancement by the indigenous Serbian variety, named after the Despot Djurdje’s capital (Smederevo).

Neoplanta wandered a lot since the moment it left the Institute and set off in search of bliss in the vineyards and wineries throughout Serbia. However, the bliss was not to be found there, not even at places where there was knowledge for the bliss to be induced. It was us who gave it a safe and stable home, adequate care and suitable treatment. We have shown ourselves and the others that it can! It can be an excellent wine, if the respect towards the new is combined with the knowledge of the old, and the respect for the profession in every way. Our Neoplanta is the product that sells out first; the wunderkind that conquers at first sense stimulus, and doesn’t let go! Because it can… Neoplanta – Smederevo’s traminer from Surduk, with attitude!

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