Power, strength, fullness, extractivity, potency… The probus variety is an almost ideal blend of the indigenous kadarka and cabernet sauvignon. From blending the two, came the descendant marked by incredible strength, came something containing 36.5 grams of extract, something so powerful that it can barely be restrained. Dark in colour, with dominating aromas, and plum and blackberry flavour, accentuated glycerol content, athletic body… The secret of this wine is not the lack of anything, but the perfect balance of the surpluses. There is a broad corpus of the opinion that Vojvodina vineyards are not god given for serious, extractive, and strong red wines. Fortunately, we are not in a position to confirm this hypothesis. Probus is perhaps the only wine that has a clearly defined muscle mass. And the formidable one!
A very important part, when it comes to Probus, is certainly food. If you try to consume it with a slightly lighter meal, there is a justified fear that Probus will eat up that meal and you won’t feel it at all. For that reason, you would be well advised to consume Probus only with the strongest possible food you make. It itself is a serious bite. If we were to put it simply, we would only say: The strongest for the strongest!

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