The principled coalition of the indigenous kevedinka and the international blockbuster wine – chardonnay, produced an authentic grape variety called Sila (English: force)! Time will tell that this is an exceptionally powerful white variety of grapes. Sila is quite resistant to botrytis, but also aristocratically fragile when it comes to severe frosts. Its cluster is peculiar, loose, and difficult to accumulate sugar. The specific location where our vineyards are situated enables Sila to be what it is, in the truest sense of the word. We have given it all it took to beat the large part of the competition with all of its force. Sila is not the mere genetic blend of the two components producing the variety, but typical, independent, and its own. It has a beautiful structure, reinforced body, and interesting aromatic matrix, dominated by flowers. A unique and sincere wine, for wine lovers who are not slaves to prejudices.

We have changed the ingrained approach in working with Sila and it has generated results. We are pleased with the results, and this is now a prelude to further steps. We expect more of each following harvest. Simply put, we are developing on the fly with Sila. We need it, since it symbolizes the authenticity of our approach. It likewise needs us, because no one before us has cultivated, nurtured and loved it as we have. So, off we go, may the Force be with us!

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